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About CineForm

CineForm designs compression-based Digital Intermediate workflows to 4K (and beyond) spatial resolution for both Windows and Mac. “DI” means that you convert source (or camera) footage – which invariably doesn’t have the headroom to withstand a multi-generation post workflow – into a format that is designed for post. Our 10-bit CineForm Intermediate (4:2:2) , 12-bit CineForm 444, and 12-bit CineForm RAW formats are compressed files that are indistinguishable from source files, yet hold up through a multi-gen post workflow. If you’re doing a lot of color correction, effects work, etc, in post, then you need a format that will hold up to the demands you’re placing on your images.  Think of CineForm as an alternative to an uncompressed workflow. 
But CineForm doesn’t sell compression technology by itself – we sell post-production workflow solutions – for consumers, independent filmmakers, and increasingly to enterprise (studios/facilities) customers.  CineForm products include our codec, but also include:

Pre- and post-processing software: for telecine removal, deinterlacing, spatial resampling, speed change (i.e. 25p to 24p conversion), image flip (for 35mm adapters), etc. We also allow you to convert virtually all source formats into CineForm files. This allows using many different cameras in your shoot but using a single format for post. In general the product I’ve described in this paragraph is our “Neo” family.

Real-time processing engines for Premiere Pro on Windows:  Our software engines outperform specialized hardware, delivering real-time processing including color correction, transitions, titles, etc, that support typically 3-6 HD streams simultaneously on modern PCs. Products with our RT engine for PPro are in our “Prospect” family.

Image development software: that allows you to apply numerous non-destructive effects to your images as “active” metadata parameters attached to your files.  In fact we call this Active Metadata.  Active Metadata is adjusted using “First Light” – think “Lightroom”, except for CineForm Master files.  But (different than LR) in CineForm’s case Active Metadata remains with CineForm files (without rendering) and is compatible with all editing/compositing apps on both Windows and Mac.

3D editorial workflows: for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, etc, that allow monitoring in 3D while editing.  OUr Active Metadata engine allows for real-time adjustment of convergence (horizontal, vertical, rotational), image flip (for beam splitter rigs), and individual/stereo color control.  3D processing is performed in real time through our software engine and uses Active Metadata.

Cross-platform compatibility: on Windows and Mac, and with most QuickTime and DirectShow applications on those platform.  CineForm leverages standard wrappers to ensure compatibility.  CineForm files can be played on either platform.

The industry’s best compression quality.  Cineform visual quality exceeds that of the respected HDCAM SR tape format, and (of course) is immediately available after acquisition to begin editorial and effects processing.  Please see our Visual Quality Analysis section for more information on Cineform quality.